Linux SLES

Installation of GPFS on SLES10

I have been playing around with GPFS on SLES for some days now and have compiled a quick HOWO for installation of the system.

Important notes:

  1. You must have root-access for the servers you are installing on
  2. You must compile GPFS kernel modules
  3. You must have access to the GPFS-packages from IBM

Install guide:

  1. Install all 4 rpm files
  2. Install needed packages for compilation: zypper in gcc xorg-x11-devel gcc-c++ kernel-source
  3. Download the latest patch from IBM*
  4. Compile it: cd /usr/lpp/mmfs/;make Autoconfig;make World;make InstallImages

Now you should have GPFS up and running without too much hazzle.
(* Patches are not always needed to make it work, but in case you encounter compilation errors, the latest patch should fix them)