List of people twittering from/about the Chile earthquake / tsunami

Blog post last updated 11:02 GMT, 01.march 2010
Note: please comment if you miss anybody/anything here.

Twitter accounts updated within the last hour:
viav7 (retweeting distress messages amongst other)
jacinperez (Tweets in Spanish)
LisaTw (Tweeting about Chile)
kamla (Tweets about it)
ontobelli (Tweets in Spanish)
globovision (Tweets in Spanish)
ageofbrillig (Tweets about the possible tsunami)
crisiscamp (Tweets about it)
earcos (Tweets in Spanish)
marc_cooper (Tweets about it)
geographile (retweet geography-related news)
Dhaisy (Tweets about it)
CarlosFoxTV (A “news guy” tweeting about it)
marc_cooper (Tweets about)
W7VOA (Tweets about it)
BreakingNews (Breaking news about it)
AlBoeNEWS (Tweets about it)
1Vzlano (Writes from Venezuela)

Twitter accounts updated within the last three hours:
CNN (Tweets some news about Chile)
marcoie (Are in Chile)
Ciencia_y_Tecno (Tweets in Spanish)
progone (Focuses on the tsunami)

Twitter accounts updated later
RodrigoBNO (Journalist in Mexico)
CNNChile (CNN Chile)
CarolinaMillan (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
quincy12 (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
KiLotr (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
kurenaiteam (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
azadehCNN (CNN reporter tweeting about Chile)
elliottyamin (Are be in Chile, also interviewed on CNN now)
baywatchboy (Tweets about it)
Sipote87 (Tweets about it)

Other resources:
Live TV from Chile (In Spanish)
Tsunami warnings
Images and info from Chile


Arrow keys + Page up/down not working in Firefox

So, my cat figured out it was time to sleep on my laptop, he also managed to put Firefix into Caret browsing mode.

If you want to get out of it again (and then get page up/down + arrow keys working again), simply press F7


A lesson in PHP stupidity

1:  post_max_size >= 2GB makes PHP overflow, resulting in a negative post_max_size:
“POST Content-Length of 0 bytes exceeds the limit of -2147483648 bytes”

2: defining post_max_size (etc) with MB instead of M causes PHP to only read the last character, in other words 10MB becomes 10 bytes . How hard can it be to either use the first character or even better, both?

(note 1: this can be avoided by actually reading the manual, but this should have been handled better from PHP`s side IMO)

(Note 2: This experience come from the latest stable PHP version in SLES 10SP2, hopefully this has been fixed in later releases.)