“Fix” for the slow boot of Dell XPS M1530 laptops

Many Dell XPS M1530 laptops are shipped with a DVD-rom that (appears to) have a bug in them. This bug causes the BIOS to use extra long time to check the device before continuing boot. In some cases the boot time is some times up to minutes just for the BIOS to perform it`s checks. And that is when the quick boot is enabled.

The “fix” for this issue is to simply disable the DVD-rom in the BIOS completely (Simply set the Module Bay Device to off). As of now (june 2010), a fix is not available for this issue.

Edit: And yes, this does work for me! My boot time went from 2-4 minutes to seconds!

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I’ve got the dell xps m1530, but this little trick doesn’t cut it for me. Checking BIOS on startup is still taking ages (ie. 2 minutes). Next up: trying several BIOS versions (starting from A07 to A11, I currently have A12 and I seem to remember times when the startup was a lot faster).

This worked perfectly. I hd to use the dvd rom to update vista to win 7 64 and forgot to remove it. I now have only hd as boot, no other devices. Went from 2-3 mins to secs like the tip says. Thanx.

If you are having slow boot problems with a Dell XPS laptop, then test the Hard Disk before your warranty runs out (using Dell Disk Self Test), as the HD may be failing.

didn’t work for me, I think Siemen might be on to something with the BIOS revisions, I recall this issue immediately happening after a BIOS update

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