Openoffice: “[context=”bundled”] caught unexpected exception!” error

I noticed the error “[context=”bundled”] caught unexpected exception!” on a OpenOffice installation on a terminal server. I noticed that OpenOffice have some issues with running on a terminal server, which i have noticed the hard way.

The solution is to update OpenOffice`s bootstrap.ini*  and tell it where a user`s profile path is located.

So, change bootstrap.ini from:




You should find Bootstra.ini under: C:Program FilesOpenOffice3programbootstra.ini for example

Hardware Windows

Two Crucial C300 in RAID0 on a M4A87TD motherboard causes BSOD`s, hangs in Win7

So i have tried to use Two Crucial C300 in RAID0 on a M4A87TD motherboard for a while now. After a while i started experiencing BSOD`s, hangs, crashes, freezes etc. I tried to debug -everything- until i came over multiple complaints about the same on the Crucial forums. (Not exactly the same, but enough to check it out)

I decided to simply remove the RAID and only use one drive for Windows 7. So far it appears to be very stable again, so hopefully the issues was related to the combination of two SSD`s in RAID0 on a AMD-RAID controller.

Time will tell.