Openoffice: “[context=”bundled”] caught unexpected exception!” error

I noticed the error “[context=”bundled”] caught unexpected exception!” on a OpenOffice installation on a terminal server. I noticed that OpenOffice have some issues with running on a terminal server, which i have noticed the hard way.

The solution is to update OpenOffice`s bootstrap.ini*  and tell it where a user`s profile path is located.

So, change bootstrap.ini from:




You should find Bootstra.ini under: C:Program FilesOpenOffice3programbootstra.ini for example

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It ran!! When turning to “normal” UserInstallation value, it still continues OK but with intermitent hungs; I’ll try running it a while “tunned” and then change again (I need different users on same machine).

Regards, and thanks! 😀

Many thank!
Non riusci a venirne fuori, ma con il tuo aiuto ho risolto.
Ho dovuto soltanto cambiare il path in: UserInstallation=File:///c:/documentsandsettings/to/openoffice/userinfo

Best Regdards from Italy.


This worked well but I give one caution.

Don’t copy the file path directly. Windows standard is to use the “” symbol and not the “/” symbol. For the bootstrap file be sure to us the “/” symbol between folders. which means you will have to copy the path and change all of the “” symbols to “/” if you copy and paste the path into the bootstrap file.

Hopefully I will save everyone else the two hrs I spent figuring that out.

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