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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to add shortcuts to the home screen

So i just got my new phone, a juicy Galaxy S III. But i quickly noticed that i did not quickly notice how i could add shortcuts to the home screen. (On HTC, it was simply to select add -> shortcut -> select shortcut).

This is how to add shortcuts on the S3:

  1. Long click a empty space on the home screen
  2. Choose “Add to home screen”
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Choose Widgets at the top right
  5. Find the app with the related shortcuts
  6. Place it on the home screen
  7. Voila, you should now be able to choose a relevant shortcut.

4 replies on “Samsung Galaxy S III: How to add shortcuts to the home screen”

Thank you very much. I was trying how to do exactly this, and now I get to spend an hour re-organizing my home screen! But seriously, thanks.

Hello guys I have a problem since I updated the software to the 4.0.4 I can’t change the icons that are in the bottom of the home screen :-S how can I change them?? Thanks..

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