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GWT: Getting rid of iframe borders in IE8

IE8 defaults to displaying a frame border on iframes, this can be overridden by using theĀ IFrameElement class.


Time used to convert a TB sized ext3 filesystem to btrfs

I have expanded my 11×1.5TB RAID6 to 10X3TB, and since i have everything in one ext3-filsystem, i realised that ext3 simply do not support such filesystem sizes yet. Or to be correct, the filesystem supports it but it is still not possible to resize a filsystem on Ubuntu above 16TB.

I could only find to solution which did not force me to drop all data, and that was to convert it to btrfs, as it support a convertion. I did not time the whole process but it did take me less than 30 hours for 9.5 TB.

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How to make iframes scrollbable on iPad (even in GWT)

I am currently working on a GWT app that some places uses iframes. When i tested this on a iPad, i noticed that it was not possible to scroll the contents, even with the two fingers swipe trick.

This required a lot of testing, googling, failing and then some more testing.

Somebody solved this by setting parent elements of the iframe, to the iframe`s size, this did not give the wanted behavior. But what i did notice was that there was a lot of pointing towards the CSS rule: “-webkit-overflow-scrolling”. I tried this too, but it did not “just work”.

After some testing, i made it work when i added the CSS rule for almost all parent elements for that iframe. With the 3 parents of the iframe corrected, the ipad started working as expected. Yay!

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

But then, i got to the next problem. All the HTML elements that were hidden because of overflow, started disappearing, shrinking, getting cut in half, and other “fancy stuff”.

Luckily, there is a CSS fix for that too:

*:not(html) {
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);

tl;tr: iPad gets correct iframe scrolling with two lines of CSS.

PS: This is verified on iPad3.

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Linux: Finding motherboard model

Just had to locate the name of the motherboard on one of my servers, here comes dmidecode to the rescue! šŸ™‚

To list all info it can find, simply run dmidecode. I executed the following command to find my motherboard model:

thu@dom0:~$ sudo dmidecode|grep "Product Name: "
Product Name: P5Q-EĀ   
Product Name: P5Q-E