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Linux: Finding motherboard model

Just had to locate the name of the motherboard on one of my servers, here comes dmidecode to the rescue! šŸ™‚

To list all info it can find, simply run dmidecode. I executed the following command to find my motherboard model:

thu@dom0:~$ sudo dmidecode|grep "Product Name: "
Product Name: P5Q-EĀ   
Product Name: P5Q-E  

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Heh, quite easy with Linux, more complicated with Windows.. šŸ˜€

Look closely into Your P5Q-E.. In our case P5B comes and guess what?
To create RAID in Windows one disk has to be on internal SATA black port and.. on EXTERNAL eSATA port!! What an idiot did it like this? This is the only one ASUS I disliked.

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