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How to make contact shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy S3

You can add a contact shortcut to your “Desktop” on your Samsung Galaxy S3 by adding a widget. Long click on a open area, then “add to home screen”, select “apps and widgets.

Select “Widgets” up to left, then select the “Contact”, “Direct dial”, or “Direct message”-widget, depending on what you want to do. 🙂


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i did same as above mentions, but nothing happening. And showing a messge
No more rooms on this home screen. Actually i deleted the shortcut of phone (direct dial)
from the bottom of home screen . So i want to restore that. i am using samsunggalaxy s3 . please reply me……….


To get the phone icon back:
Go to your apps drawer, point and hold the phone icon, then place it on the home screen where you have room. Then simply point and hold, and drag it over the bottom “bar” where it used to be. Tested it here and it works just fine 🙂

Is there another way to take a screen by pressing a button rather than sliding your palm over the pic?

Yes this works, but after you select widgets,you must then select from the options which appear (a little hard to see) if you want to add a single contact or three or multi. Select which you want then you can add the specific person/contact.

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