Review of Netflix Norway

So Netflix has just launched in Norway, and i have finally had some time to test it, get used to it, and simply enjoy some movies.

The good:

  • The interface has been tested in the US and is well used, to big stability issues to get it working.
  • As a Spotify user, i get it for free out 2012. So i get some time to make up my mind.
  • When i have seen some movies, Netflix starts to suggest other movies within the same genres, pretty nice when i “just want a film”. ­čÖé
  • When the movie is over and the credits starts showing, Netflix starts to suggest other movies “inside” the movie, a small nice little feature.
  • And not least ,i can actually watch as many movies that i want, for a┬áreasonably┬áprice, and without having to buy it, rent it, wait for it to arrive, and so on.

The bad:

  • Apparently, many movies comes with subtext hard-coded into the movie, pretty annoying when you actually do not want to have it. I have┬áall though┬ánot noticed this on the movies i have tested.
  • When the recommendations algorithm used in Netflix don`t know anything about you, you can get some rather strange results. Like getting up many cartoon movies when you have not selected anything related to cartoons. This might also be related to the fact that Netflix Norway still do not have too big of a collection.
  • The search engine appears to just make up results. As an example, i searched for “Hairspray“, a feel good musical. The results did not contain this movie, but instead i got a Norwegian movie named “Varg Veum” up, which is a drama/action movie. Totally irrelevant!
  • There will some times be lag in the movies, which is very irritating. I hope this will become less frequent as the system gets more mature in Scandinavia. At least i do not expect my internet connection to be the issue, as this is a 50/10 VDSL line.

In conclusion:

I am not totally convinced that i should give up my hobbies(like having fun on Team Fortress 2, playing on >casinos etc) for Netflix just now, but if they actually start to get more fresh content into the system. Then i will have a hard time keeping myself away! ­čÖé

Linux Red Hat

RHEV: Cannot export VM. VM with the same identifier already exists

When trying to export a virtual machine via the RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization), either via the API or via the RHEVM admin console, you might encounter the error message “Cannot export VM. VM with the same identifier already exists”.

This is thrown when you are trying to export a VM to a location which already have the VM there, perhaps an older copy of the VM.

If you are doing this via the RHEVM admin console, simply select “force override”, to overwrite any existing VM there.

Now, if this is the API, then you must specify this via the action command, via an exclusive command:

<action><storage_domain><name>*STORAGE DOMAIN TO EXPORT TO*</name></storage_domain><exclusive>true</exclusive><discard_snapshots>false</discard_snapshots></action>

The documentation says that you should use overwrite, but this is wrong/a bug, and is confirmed by Red Hat.

There is also another reason which can trigger this, and which is in my eyes, a bug. If the VM already exist on the export domain, but with another name, then you will get this error no matter what. The only work around i know about so far is to make sure that the names are correct both places. I have contacted Red Hat to get this checked up.