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How to: Turning on and off multi window feature on Android / Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Multi Window feature became available in the recent Android update for Samsung Galaxy S3. You can enable / disable it from the top menu. Drag your finger from the top of the screen and down, then drag your finger to the left in the top menu you get, until you find the “Multi Window” button. Pressing it will enable or disable the feature 🙂

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There’s no such menu named “Multi Window” in my Notification panel on my Samsung Galaxy S3 JellyBean. Tried Searching Notification Settings in Display, but unable to find.
Any help in this regard is highly appreciable. Thanks in advance.

Did you try scrolling the top menu (wifi, gps etc) ? On my phone it is not immediately visible

Found it at last. Got it to turn off. Thank you! This feature can be very annoying when turned on.

Thank you! It was driving me bonkers, and I had no idea how I had accidentally turned it on.

Thank you! you saved me from throwing my phone out the window! You would think that will all the pop-up ” here’s how you use it” they would include ” here’s how you turn it off!

Thank you so much. I have been searching through all my settings, dropping that thing in every possible position, repositioning the tab… grrrr. I could see the potential, but if I ever want multiple windows open I can always go back and re-enable. In the meantime it was so annoying to try to work around.

Thanks! I’ve been trying to find that out since the update. That has to be the most annoying thing they have done!

For those you don’t have the toggle in the notification bar, go to settings –> Display
You should see Multi window with a check box, disable it and voila 🙂

bless you for this tip .. i have been moving this darn tab up and down for weeks !

Pull down your notifications window, it has an icon that says multi window. Just check it and you’re done. It is gone. What a awful annoying , in the way, new feature.

Whew, it’s gone. I like the feature but would use it infrequently so why oh why did they feel like they had to have that button visible on the screen at all times (that I was constantly hitting by accident?) especially since there was a perfectly serviceable hotkey for this (hold down back button).

Oh, thank you! The last update isn’t the best :/ I liked the other version of when you touched the “water” better than the new one and that multi window thing was killing me.

I have not found the setting for turning this function off yet. It is so annoying I want to cry out.

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