Guide: How to make money in GTA V (GTA 5)

Here is a short list with five items explaining how to make money in GTA V / GTA 5.

1: Be a taxi driver!
Steal a taxi, then you can accept taxi jobs around in the game, if yo drive nicely, you will even get tips for the rides. You can earn upwards of $300 for a single ride.

2: Kill people and steal their money
You can rob people after killing them, the problem with that is that the police will get on your tail. Not very viable in the long-term… PS: If you hang around an ATM, then rob them those who withdraw cash, you are more likely to earn some more cash.

3: Go on the stock market
You can invest money in the stock market, it is not a guaranteed profit, so you should not do this unless you have money to lose.

4: Rob armored cars
If you see a blue dot on the map (unless when the cops are after you!), that means that there is an armored car there. If the car is parked and you see a person walking towards it with a suitcase, you can earn $5K by shooting him. You can also steal the car and break open the back doors.

5: Rob stores
Any store that is open for business, can be robbed! By walking into a store, then slowly going back, so that your character keeps the doors open (with the doors pointing outwards), you can equip a weapon. Shoot the cash register and they will open up and you will get your money!

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How to install Raspian for Raspberry Pi from Windows

I am currently in the process of setting up a SETI@Home cluster running on Raspberry PI boxes. Currently i am working with three nodes, and i will expand it if is a success.

For OS, i use Raspian (Debian clone), combined with some cheap 8GB SDCards from a random cheap vendor.

In order to install the Raspian ISO image to a SD card, i use the applicationĀ win32 disk imager, which simply takes a ISO image, and writes it to a designaded SD card.

It is worth noticing that this will cause the partition(s) on the SD card to not be any larger than the image itself. But you can fix this upon your first Raspberry PI boot, as the application “raspi-config” will be auto-started. (if not, start it)