How to enable IPv6 on your Sophos UTM (Former Astaro Unified Threat Management)

Step 1: After logging in to the admin interface, go to Interfaces and Routing -> IPv6, and enable “IPv6 status”. As my UTM recieve a IPv6 prefix from my ISP, i end up with this: 1   Step 2: Assign an IPv6 address to your internal interface. This address should be the first IP in your assigned IPv6 prefix. To calculate your range, copy your delegated prefix and go to this calculator. Notice that i have used a /64-prefix internally. 2   Step 3: Go to Interfaces and Routing -> IPv6 -> Prefix Advertisement. Select your internal interface. Then add the IPv6 address of your DNS Server, or the IP of your internal interface of your UTM handes DNS itself. 3   And voila, your internal clients should now be able to recieve IPv6 addresses. I recommend rebooting both the UTM and any clients if they do not get any addresses at this point.

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Except for adding 128 bits to your database and display, have you added any other features to the UTM which allows users to know that the IP address means?

On your External WAN configuration – how is your interface configured when connecting to your ISP? I’m attempting to enable IPv6, and I have turned it on as you have in step 1. My external WAN connection is set up as type: “Ethernet DHCP” and is my IPv4 Default GW. When I enable IPv6 in the Interfaces and Routing, I see an IPv6 /128 address in the Interfaces tab for the External (WAN) interface. I never get the configuration you list in the IPv6 tab showing Native over External (WAN).

When I try to enable IPv6 Default GW on the External (WAN) interface I get an error that Uplink Balancing will be enabled. Do you recall having to do any of that?

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