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HTC Desire Froyo upgrade has been released

Updated: 1st of august 2010, 12:30 GMT

Android 2.2 (Froyo) for HTC Desire has been released!

HTC Russia has now stated that it will come within “some days”

Rumors started spreading after Mark Moons posted this message (translated) on Twitter:

We start tomorrow with the desire to upgrade to 2.2 later android devices

Based on this the news started flying everywhere about the upgrade coming this weekend, HTC has (aparantly, according to sent out an statement saying that it will start this weekend.

The Android 2.2 (FroYo) update for HTC Desire will start rolling out across Europe this weekend. As well as including the complete set of Android 2.2 features, the update will contain a few special additions of our own through the latest iteration of HTC Sense. The update will provide 720p video capture, HTC’s App Share widget, as well as our enhanced HTC Caller ID, and improved multi-language keyboard. Also, though the update, HTC Sync will allow HTC Desire users to sync their music with iTunes.

HTC Desire users will be notified that the over-the-air update is available to download when their phone automatically checks for software updates. The update won’t delete any of the phone’s content. However, due to the size of the update, we would advise using a WiFi connection to download it wherever possible to avoid additional data charges.

This update will initially roll out to unlocked HTC Desire handsets. Operator specific versions of the update are undergoing testing and we expect to make them available in several weeks’ time

But now on sunday, it has still not appeared on any Desire phones in Europe.  So many(including) me, are starting to give up hope.

Edit: No, we are not waiting for the cookie, we are waiting for the software 🙂

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HTC Desire battery usage: 3G/HSPA vs Wi-Fi

This depends on your usage (and other variables like connection strength etc).  For example: if you are often without Wi-Fi-connection, the phone will continuously look for a access point to connect to, thus using more power.

With my usage, i need both 3G and Wireless during a normal day. And my battery usage indicator tells me that both “Cell standby” and Wireless uses the same amount of power(31%). So it looks that i would be able to save some more battery if i turned off either 3G or wireless.

So the answer is: Check what`s using the most power on your phone(Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery use) and change your settings/preferences after that 🙂

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How long should a HTC Desire battery last?

The short answer is: around one day, so called smart phones are not in general known for having a good battery time.  Then again, with the extra features you get from a regular cell phone, it`s often OK.

But IF you want to try to increase your phones  battery time, you can check out my post where i sum up some nice ways of preserving battery life. 🙂

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Getting the most of your HTC Desire battery

Last updated: 30.july 2010 @ 19:20 GMT

There is a lot of frustration out there when it comes to the battery life of HTC Desire, i myself don’t see it as a issue since i have no problem in getting my battery to last for around three days. (While others again barely lasts two hours) So here i have gathered up my tips on how to increase the battery life of the HTC Desire. (These tips should also work for any other Android phone)

1) Use the sleep mode
As long as the display is turned off, the phone is in “sleep mode”, thus using less power. (You will still receive SMS and phone calls in sleep mode)

2) Turn down the screen timeout
Screen timeout decides how long the phone should be idle before the display is turned off and the phone goes to sleep. I myself have set this to 15-30 seconds. You can change this under settings -> Sound & Display

3) Turn down the LED back light
No reason to keep the back light on full power now is it?  Under Settings -> Sound & Display -> Brightness you can choose to either use automatic brightness control or set it to a standard strengt yourself.

4) Install Advanced Task Killer
When you leave a program in Android, the program still runs in the background. Which is not a good idea for some apps that like to run regular updates etc while running. So use Advanced Task Killer to get rid of those resource hoggers.

5) Deactivate wireless/GPS/Bluethooth/etc
If you dont use some of those features, simply turn them off. For example the wireless system will scan for networks pretty often and will that way hog quite a bit of power.

6) Check out the Battery info
Under Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery use, you get information about what apps that uses the most power. On my phone it`s the android system itself.

7) Set Wi-fi to automaticly turn off
There is a “hidden” feature called Wi-Fi sleep policy, where you can deside when the Wi-FI should go to sleep. (As you might know, Wi-fi is one of the things that eats the most battery). You can change this under Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi Settings -> pressing the menu button -> advanced -> Wi-Fi Sleep policy

8 ) Disable / Change auto sync of apps
Under Settings > Accounts & sync, you have the ability to either disable all syncing of apps, or even changing them on a per app level. Do you really need to update stocks/weather each hour?

9) Consider emptying your battery
I have gotten some reports that using your phone all the way until the phone dies (aka: the battery has been emptied), then recharing it, can have a rather extreme effect on how long the battery can hold.

10) Use a dark background
The desire uses a OLED screen. OLED uses more power to display bright colors, so you can save some powers by using a dark background.

Got any other tips? Feel free to share them here, and i will add them to the list 🙂