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Workaround for inotify on NFS-clients

I run multiple virtual machines which shares all their data via a NFS-server. I have an application that fetches files, and another server that watches for new files in a folder, using inotify. But i quickly noticed that inotify does not work over NFS. I “fixed” this by doing a simle workaround that finds all files in the watched folder, and simply touches them. This causes inotify to dectect those files.

find s -type f -exec touch {} \;

This works for me since i can simply run the command via cron, or via another scheduled job, but that does not mean that i works for your case. But perhaps it gives you some ideas.


Time used to convert a TB sized ext3 filesystem to btrfs

I have expanded my 11×1.5TB RAID6 to 10X3TB, and since i have everything in one ext3-filsystem, i realised that ext3 simply do not support such filesystem sizes yet. Or to be correct, the filesystem supports it but it is still not possible to resize a filsystem on Ubuntu above 16TB.

I could only find to solution which did not force me to drop all data, and that was to convert it to btrfs, as it support a convertion. I did not time the whole process but it did take me less than 30 hours for 9.5 TB.

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Saniplus toilet pump that wont stop pumping

Time for something completely different here, so how about a toilet pump guide.

I have a Saniplus toilet pump at home that decided to keep pumping constantly even when all the water was pumped out. After much Googling a tip appeard that was impressivly simple. Try tapping the box just around the place where the power cord goes in, if that work


No gays in Iran(wut?)

Aparantly, there are no gays in Iran, a bit strange that some countries have simply non gay people…