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Scam: “URGENT Brand Registration Confirmation”

Yet another scam that goes around. This time it`s an attempt to brand owners to “register” their brands in China before “some company steals it”. And as usually, just to ignore.

(Letter to the President or Brand Owner, thanks)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in China. I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on April 22, 2013 that a company which self-styled “YaZi Int’l Company” were applying to register “<brand>” as their Brand Name and some domain names through our firm.

Now we are handling this registration, and after our initial checking, we found the name were similar to your company’s, so we need to check with you whether your company has authorized that company to register these names. If you authorized this, we will finish the registration at once. If you did not authorize, please let us know within 7 workdays, so that we will handle this issue better. After the deadline we will unconditionally finish the registration for “YaZi Int’l Company”. Looking forward to your prompt reply.


List of people twittering about the Israel/Gaza clashes

Blog post last updated 12:53 GMT, 15.november 2012

This is a manually updated list of people twittering about the new conflict that has erupted in Israel / Gaza.

Note: please comment if you miss anybody/anything here.

Twitter accounts updated within the last hour:
@IDFSpokesperson, Official Israel Defense Forces Twitter account
@RT_COM, Russia Today, follows the event
@BBCWorld, BBC World News follows this event
@Palestinianism, tweets about it
@DannyNis, tweets about it
@harryfear, tweets about it

Twitter accounts updated within the last three hours:
@AJEnglish, Al Jazeera, follows the event

Twitter accounts updated later:
@netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu
@ASE, tweets about it



Review of Netflix Norway

So Netflix has just launched in Norway, and i have finally had some time to test it, get used to it, and simply enjoy some movies.

The good:

  • The interface has been tested in the US and is well used, to big stability issues to get it working.
  • As a Spotify user, i get it for free out 2012. So i get some time to make up my mind.
  • When i have seen some movies, Netflix starts to suggest other movies within the same genres, pretty nice when i “just want a film”. ūüôā
  • When the movie is over and the credits starts showing, Netflix starts to suggest other movies “inside” the movie, a small nice little feature.
  • And not least ,i can actually watch as many movies that i want, for a¬†reasonably¬†price, and without having to buy it, rent it, wait for it to arrive, and so on.

The bad:

  • Apparently, many movies comes with subtext hard-coded into the movie, pretty annoying when you actually do not want to have it. I have¬†all though¬†not noticed this on the movies i have tested.
  • When the recommendations algorithm used in Netflix don`t know anything about you, you can get some rather strange results. Like getting up many cartoon movies when you have not selected anything related to cartoons. This might also be related to the fact that Netflix Norway still do not have too big of a collection.
  • The search engine appears to just make up results. As an example, i searched for “Hairspray“, a feel good musical. The results did not contain this movie, but instead i got a Norwegian movie named “Varg Veum” up, which is a drama/action movie. Totally irrelevant!
  • There will some times be lag in the movies, which is very irritating. I hope this will become less frequent as the system gets more mature in Scandinavia. At least i do not expect my internet connection to be the issue, as this is a 50/10 VDSL line.

In conclusion:

I am not totally convinced that i should give up my hobbies(like having fun on Team Fortress 2, playing on >casinos etc) for Netflix just now, but if they actually start to get more fresh content into the system. Then i will have a hard time keeping myself away! ūüôā


Scam: RuneScape – Final warning: Legal actions for Real-World Trading (case No. gsUVpdKZl)

If you got this in your inbox and wonder if it is a spam, then i can confirm it. It is a spam mail that tries to phish your account information. Do NOT click the link in the mail.

Dear Customer,

We have strong evidence that you may have attempted a transfer of RuneScape accounts or traded virtual items outside of the game environment.

Real-world trading destroys the economy of RuneScape, violates your agreement with us, and any player that continues to engage in the illegal activity has no place in our community.

All of your accounts, main and otherwise, are now on our watch list and will be monitored for real-world trading. Regardless of who you are or how long you’ve been with us, if you decide to real-world trade ever again we will have no hesitation in: (1) permanently removing your account from our wonderful community in order to protect Jagex’s rights, and (2) naming you as a defendant in Jagex Limited v. John Does, which is a lawsuit based on antitrust law violations that is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Civ. Action No. SANC-V12-00972-CGC).

If you decide to ignore this email and instead continue Real-World Trading, we (Jagex Ltd) reserve our rights to pursue statutory damages against you for between $200 to $2,500 per act of past, present, and/or future real-world trading in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 1304(c)(2).

In addition, new infractions have been added to your RuneScape account. If left unchallenged your account will be temporarily or permanently suspended.

Please complete the following security form to monitor your account’s status or to appeal the infractions you have recieved:

Please note: Due to recent technical problems, some accounts were unfairly punished. Most of the void infractions have been removed. You should visit the appeal section to appeal any unjustified infractions received due to system errors.

Mod Mark.

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WordPress giving maintenance error message

If you have tried to upgrade a WordPress plugin or WordPress itself, and failed. You might have ended up with your blog only returning “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” error message. The reason for this is that WordPress takes the blog down before running any upgrades, so the users wont get any nasty error messages. But in some rare cases, WordPress cant seem to turn itself back on afterwards.

The solution is to delete the file “.maintenance” in your WWW-folder/website root folder. Your blog will then again begin to work as it should.