My WordPress ping list

As mentioned in my other post; Here is my WordPress ping list. I have checked it and removed dead services on 1st of august 2010.


Getting more traffic to your blog

So you want more traffic to your blog eh? There are a lot of sites that gives advices about just that so i have gathered the most vital tips here for you. Some are easy to implement, some take longer time. Note that they are not sorted in any particular order. 🙂

1) Ping!
Make sure that your blog pings the most used ping sites, you can check out the ping list i use here.

2) Write stuff people want to read about
I personally blog about problems/experience from my job, and i also sometimes write posts based on the google search terms users use in order to end up on my blog. Google Webmaster Tools is a nice way to get a overview of your Google traffic. You can also consider using the “ Stats” plug-in for WordPress, since it generates a lot of nice information about your readers.

3) Make some lists
Lists (like this one) gives a nice amount of information in one place, and it is popular amongst readers.

4) Keep your blog updated
There is a bigger chance that you get returning users if you actually have new content often. Why should users visit a dead blog daily?

5) Have feeds available
Give your readers the ability to get notified when you have new content available.

6) Optimize your blog for the search engines
You wont get much traffic if not even the search engine spiders can find your blog. Consider using a SEO-plugin if you use WordPress. I use “All in One SEO” here on

7) Try to get some back links
In order to rank high on search results, you need to have many incoming links to your blog. (Read more about Page Rank) You can get this by for example commenting on other blogs, getting your content out on social media sites and so on. You could also try publishing articles with links back to your blog on

8 ) Get yourself on Twitter
Twitter can be a huge traffic source. I have received upwards to 100 000 page views on a single day after publishing a post about a trending Twitter topic. I automate the Twittering process by using the “Twitme” plugin for WordPress.

9) Make sure the search engines know about your blog
Make sure at least the three big know about your blog:

  1. Google ->
  2. Yahoo ->
  3. Bing ->

Also submit your feed(s) to Google via their Webmaster Tools.

10) Blog about something you enjoy
Focus on something you enjoy doing or writing about. If you start to blog about irrelevant topics, the changes are high that you will most likely give up your blog pretty quick.

11) Submit your site/articles
Submit your site to directories and/or publish your posts on sites like and

Got any more tips? Give them in the comment section below!