List of people twittering from/about the Chile earthquake / tsunami

Blog post last updated 11:02 GMT, 01.march 2010
Note: please comment if you miss anybody/anything here.

Twitter accounts updated within the last hour:
viav7 (retweeting distress messages amongst other)
jacinperez (Tweets in Spanish)
LisaTw (Tweeting about Chile)
kamla (Tweets about it)
ontobelli (Tweets in Spanish)
globovision (Tweets in Spanish)
ageofbrillig (Tweets about the possible tsunami)
crisiscamp (Tweets about it)
earcos (Tweets in Spanish)
marc_cooper (Tweets about it)
geographile (retweet geography-related news)
Dhaisy (Tweets about it)
CarlosFoxTV (A “news guy” tweeting about it)
marc_cooper (Tweets about)
W7VOA (Tweets about it)
BreakingNews (Breaking news about it)
AlBoeNEWS (Tweets about it)
1Vzlano (Writes from Venezuela)

Twitter accounts updated within the last three hours:
CNN (Tweets some news about Chile)
marcoie (Are in Chile)
Ciencia_y_Tecno (Tweets in Spanish)
progone (Focuses on the tsunami)

Twitter accounts updated later
RodrigoBNO (Journalist in Mexico)
CNNChile (CNN Chile)
CarolinaMillan (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
quincy12 (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
KiLotr (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
kurenaiteam (Are in Chile, tweets in Spanish)
azadehCNN (CNN reporter tweeting about Chile)
elliottyamin (Are be in Chile, also interviewed on CNN now)
baywatchboy (Tweets about it)
Sipote87 (Tweets about it)

Other resources:
Live TV from Chile (In Spanish)
Tsunami warnings
Images and info from Chile


List of people twittering from/about Haiti and other useful links

Blog post last updated19:57 GMT, 15.jan 2010

Twitter accounts updated within the last hour:
troylivesay – Troy Livesay, is in Port Au Prince, Haiti
Wyclef – Wyclef Jean
InternetHaiti – Multilink Haiti, Twitters from Haiti
marvinady – Marvin Rady Twittering about Haiti
redcrossmom – Appears to be twittering from Haiti
LisandroSuero – Lisandro Suero, publishes pictures from Haiti
andersoncooper – Anderson Cooper, CNN Reporter in Haiti
Leecohen – Lee Cohen Twitters from Haiti
Alyssa_Milano – Alyssa Milano, twitters about Haiti

Twitter accounts updated within the last two hours:


Twitter accounts updated within the last 12 hours:

fredodupoux – Frederic Dupoux, active from Haiti
RAMhaiti – Richard Morse, CNN Reporter in Haiti

Twitter accounts updated > 12 hours:

IvanCNN – Ivan Watson, CNN Reporter in Haiti
DanielleCNN – Danielle Dellorto, CNN Reporter in Haiti
jason_carroll – Jason Carroll, CNN Reporter in Haiti

You can also get live updates regarind Haiti on Twitter.

Want to donate to help Haiti? Then visit!

Have any Twitterers that miss in the list? Please post a comment with a link here.


Swine flu tracking in Norway

A former colleague has just created a new swine flu tracker for a quick overview of Norwegian cases. If you are interested you can check out – Interesting for those of us that follows the outbreak.


Facepalm @ Google

Finally a good use for the color picker in Google images 🙂


List of people twittering about the Iran clashes

This post contains information/links to twitterers twittering useful information about the clashes in Iran, that started one year ago today (12th of june 2009)

Updated 12th june 2010, 12:45 GMT

Updated last hour:
EANewsFeed – Tweets about it
JShahryar – Tweets about it
dadashiii – Tweets about it
Bsalamati – Tweets about it
mumke – Tweets about it
lissnup – Tweets about it
DominiqueRdr – Tweets about it
RayMorrison – Tweets about it
mamad2020 – Tweets about it

Updated last two hours:
sayahcnn – CNN Correspondent
Pray4Iran General tweeting around Iran

Other info

If you want to read up about last years event, i reccomend