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How to: Turning on and off multi window feature on Android / Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Multi Window feature became available in the recent Android update for Samsung Galaxy S3. You can enable / disable it from the top menu. Drag your finger from the top of the screen and down, then drag your finger to the left in the top menu you get, until you find the “Multi Window” button. Pressing it will enable or disable the feature ๐Ÿ™‚

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Twitter on Android: Clearing search history

It is a bit irritating to get old search queries up when typing search terms in the Twitter for Android app. It is a bit hidden away, but you can clear out the search history pretty easy.

Note that doing this also resets settings for the application, but it does not log your account off.

On your phone, go to App Drawer, Settings, Applications Manager, ย Twitter. Then click the “Clear data” button.

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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to add shortcuts to the home screen

So i just got my new phone, a juicy Galaxy S III. But i quickly noticed that i did not quickly notice how i could add shortcuts to the home screen. (On HTC, it was simply to select add -> shortcut -> select shortcut).

This is how to add shortcuts on the S3:

  1. Long click a empty space on the home screen
  2. Choose “Add to home screen”
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Choose Widgets at the top right
  5. Find the app with the related shortcuts
  6. Place it on the home screen
  7. Voila, you should now be able to choose a relevant shortcut.
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Cant download large apps from Android Market

If you are running a rooted Android phone and have problems with downloading large apps from the Android market, one fix can be to move the market download folder over to the SD-card, install a terminal emulator and perform the following (on your own risk of course):

mkdir /mnt/sdcard/market-download-cache
cd /cache
mv download download.bak
ln -s /mnt/sdcard/market-download-cache download
ls -ahl

Then try again and see if it wont work better to download large apps, like Google Maps ๐Ÿ™‚

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Will Android Gingerbread get released this week?

According to a tweet from a leader in the Open Handset Alliance. Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez, the next Android release named Gingerbread is getting very close to release. Apparently developers will be getting access to the Gingerbread already this week, with Google`s Nexus One getting it shortly afterwards.

Hopefully HTC will not wait too long with rolling it out to its phones(Hero, Desire etc) ๐Ÿ™‚