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Enabling SSH installation of Data Protector clients

Just a quick how-to- make sure that you can install new Data Protector clients using SSH.

All this is done FROM the Linux the installation server, using the root user.

First of all, you have to copy the .omnirc-file if you have not done it before.
cp /opt/omni/.omnirc.TMPL /opt/omni/.omnirc

Then, edit the .omnirc file in /opt/omnic/ and make sure that OB2_SSH_ENABLED is set to “1”.

Then you need to make sure that the installation server can SSH to the client(s) without being asked for a password. If you do not have a SSH-key, you can generate one by running ssh-keygen.

Now copy your public key to the client(s) that you are going to install Data Protector on, by running ssh-copy-id root@<client>. Test it afterwards by SSHing to the client(s), if you do not get asked by a password, you are good to go!

PS: You have to SSH to the client at least once, as you will be asked to confirm the client certificate the first time.

Hardware Software

The effects of old NIC drivers on Data Protector

During the Data Protector migration we noticed that the performance on the new Data Protector Cell Manager was a lot lower than the performance on the old solution. Speeds of around 100Mbit was the best we ever could get from it, although the machine is running on a gigabit network.

To make the case even more strange, performance on other network tasks was quite normal where the gigabit  connection was maxed ASAP.

After some digging, the problem turned out to be that the server was running the old default drivers for the NIC (Broadcom BCM5708S netXtreme II GigE). Windows update has in the latest Windows versions become better on delivering driver updates but that was not the case this time.

After installing the newest drivers from Broadcom`s website the performance jumped straight to gigabit even on Data Protector.


Dataprotector: System error: HOST_NOT_FOUND

I have been working a bit with migrating a Data Protector cell manager, when moving a client i recieved the following error:

[Critical] From: BDA-NET@ " [/boot]"  Time: 02.09.2011 09:08:03
Cannot connect to Media Agent on system , port 49708 (IPC Invalid Hostname or IP Address
System error: HOST_NOT_FOUND) =>

The cause for this was that the client could not look up the cell manager. I solved this by simply adding the cell manager in the hosts file of the client. You can verify this problem by simply doing a ping or nslookup against the cell manager, from the client itself.


Cannot open exchanger control device ([2] The system cannot find the file specified)

You will receive this error from (among others) Data Protector if the D2D/Tape unit has gone offline, or is not reachable from the machine controlling it. Normally the Data Protector cell manager. In Windows 2008 server you can make sure that Windows is connected correctly via the iSCSI Initiator which you can find in the Control Panel.