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How to install Munin-node on RHEL6

Munin-node is not available per default on RHEL6 servers. But luckily, somebody has made a mirror which contains many nice applications, including the munin packages we want.

rpm -Uvh

yum install perl-XML-SAX

yum install munin-node

And voila! 🙂

perl-XML-SAX has to be installed first due to dependency issues.

Edited 7.march 2013, updated URL`s



Munin: “unknown reply from client” or “Invalid argument – Attempting to use old configuration”

If you receive either of those error messages in Munin, start by checking the following:

1) Have you misspelled anything in the config file?
2) Try to telnet to the hostname/IP port 4949, it works if everything is setup correctly


Munin-graph error: Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()

You may get a mail from cron complaining about “Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()”, if you are running Munin. This is caused by Munin not receiving valid UTF-8 data.

For this you have 2 possible solutions:

1) Patch munin-graph manually using:

Note that the line numbers are a bit off if you are using another version.

2) Find the munin-node plugin that causes the problem(aka having some none utf-8 characters). Most likely it is the following line in the plugin hddtemp_smartctl:

print “graph_vlabel temp in °Cn”;

Change it to:

print “graph_vlabel temp in Cn”;

Restart the munin-node and you should not get more trouble, at least from that plugin.