Spotify VS Wimp

There has been a lot of talk lately of companies leaving Spotify due to bad payments, so i decided to test out Wimp, which is a Norwegian competitor to Spotify. So here is a quick round-up of the good and bad parts of those two applications:

Note that i only mention the differences between them.



  1. It`s fast to start!
  2. Streaming starts fast!
  3. You can create lists that will work when offline
  4. Does not have any journalists to pick out nice songs and kinda create a community around that
  5. It`s free – So you can test it better before paying for it


  1. They are starting to loose music due to bad payments to producers etc
  2. Not too much Norwegian music (for those who care 🙂 )



  1. You can see others play list easier than in Spotify (at least the most popular)
  2. The design is more white-ish than Spotify
  3. Easy to see the play queue and what have been played
  4. Easier access to songs/albums within a genre


  1. No free version, although you get the first 30 days free
  2. No offline ability, d`oh!
  3. I cannot set my own password, why?
  4. Its only in Norwegian for now, and it requires a Norwegian cellphone(?)
  5. When i forget the generated password, i get the same password sent to long for security
  6. It uses a lot more resources (10 times the RAM of Spotify…)
  7. Due to #6, it is very slow on some machines
  8. The “change password” link in the program sends me to a page without ability to change password
  9. On one of my computers, i cannot restore the program when sending it to the tray bar..whoops

In conclution

I will keep to Spotify for as long as they have enough music, or until Wimp fixes some of the most annoying things.

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