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WordPress giving maintenance error message

If you have tried to upgrade a WordPress plugin or WordPress itself, and failed. You might have ended up with your blog only returning “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” error message. The reason for this is that WordPress takes the blog down before running any upgrades, so the users wont get any nasty error messages. But in some rare cases, WordPress cant seem to turn itself back on afterwards.

The solution is to delete the file “.maintenance” in your WWW-folder/website root folder. Your blog will then again begin to work as it should.

Linux Software

WordPress: Solution for “Image could not be processed. Please go back and try again.”

This is a rather cryptical error message WordPress gives when trying to upload a header image and it fails.

The solution is to make sure your server has php(5)-gd installed.


apt-get install php5-gd

Red Hat:

yum install php-gd

Getting automatic update of WordPress to work via SSH

New method for doing this on Ubuntu can be found here.

Today i noticed that WordPress actually support automatic upgrade via SSH, the problem was that i simply did not get option up at all. After some quick googling, i noticed that i was missing a up2date ssh2 PECL package. So for me the fix was simple:

1) Installing php5-devel / php5-dev (PHP development libraries)
2) Installing the pecl package ssh2
3) Restarting Apache

And voila, the SSH2 option appeared!